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7. Andrew Clark [paleocacher]   (2017-10-14 05:45) E-mail
I enjoy the Lithuanian mod very much. Only one thing, I need to know where to get LA Mod version 2.0 or please upgrade the 90s submod to the 2.1 version. Thanks.

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6. Jose Manuel rodriguez [josema1701]   (2013-08-23 01:50)
I could pass the mail to ask for one thing

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5. Jankka   (2011-08-04 12:23) E-mail
Really great mod! good
I like my homeland is featured in games

Authors of this mod please read this

You should update mode adding Mi-17-1V helicopter operated by Latvian Air Force because medics use them when a patient needs to be immediately transported far places to capital city to most modern hospitals + Helicopter also has a rappelling equipment which means it can be used like a engineer helicopter and most recent reports I've heard that these helicopters are equipped with special cameras designed to search for missing persons using thermal imaging. It can also serve as police helicopter searching or following criminals or insert a police special forces personnel like "Alpha" and "Omega" via rappel

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4. Ruta   (2010-12-10 22:09)
Rihards, tev gan ir lielas prasmes!

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3. -- -- [anton3399]   (2010-04-15 21:54)
Rihis RESPECT flower applause applause

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2. BASTIAN   (2010-01-29 03:19)
hey Rihis

it is a good mod from latvia! you are a latvian? i was with army 2006 on a exercise in africa - like LV! good

i will said

the autor by Landrover Defender is Mainzibaer, not Maizibaer smile


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1. Branko   (2009-07-16 10:59) E-mail
I really think this is gonna be a GREAT mod!!!!!! biggrin
I cant't wait to play it. A really nice website too cool


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